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Water quality currently on the Planet

All waste which we dump on the Planet have contaminated violently and virulently our aquifers, especially those that supply our cities. Today, to ensure the potability of the water are used physical and chemical methods with which is achieved transparency, absence of pathogens and lack of taste recognized by the human palate. But this water is absent of energy and life.

On the other hand our springs, due to the industrialization and commercialization of water, are also being subjected to another kind of manipulations, which makes this water no longer has the energy values of yester year.

Water springs and glaciers, like those from the Himalayas which supplied water whose taste and composition are very similar to our AyDo™  SIW , have been well known for their virtues on wellness and human health. But also they have been „touched” by human hand. These sources have disappeared under the devastation of forests, change in the topography of the planet, alteration or the own rhythms of nature and by pollution.





Why is so import ant the water in the human body

A significant proportion in our body is water. In optimal conditions our brain contains approximately 87% water, lean muscle tissue around 75%, blond 95%, body fat 14% and bones approximately 22%. Skin is also containing an important raction of water. It means that as an average we are constituted by 70%-75% water.

If we understand the figures above, in its deepest meaning, we will realize that is vital the quality of water we drink since she is playing such an important role in the smooth functioning of our whole body, especially in the functioning of our brain and pineal gland, which has a relevant role in the process of rejuvenation or agening of cells. Body water also has a crucial role in removal of metabolic waste and waste products from cells.

But the physical body and water are matter. Matter is hold and unified by energy. It means that our body and the water it contains are ultimately: energy.

And this energy, exchanges information toward and from the matter it holds. Therefore, in the body the energy charge that is mobilized, both within it and what  xchanges with the outside world, is closely related to the energy contained in the water within that body. It is therefore  crucial that the water we consume has the best quality and optimum capability to store and exchange energy. Not all walters are the same.

This high percentage of water in our body must have a particular quality and the necessary quantity of energy as to be able to sustain life and to all organs perfectly functioning. This mean that if the water we comsume does not contain these optima conditions, then it is only a clear liquid to chich our body adapts by necessity, but it is not the real water that our body needs.

What our AyDoTM SIW offers is:

The best quality and unmatched energy.